Major in Judaic Studies

Why consider a degree in Judaic Studies?

We take the 3,000 year long history and culture of the Jews as our point of departure for grappling with urgent human questions about justice and knowledge, tradition and change, crisis and resilience. 

Truly interdisciplinary, our courses span such topics as History, English, World Languages & Literature, Film and the School of Music and Theater.

Learn valuable, marketable skills:

Navigate the complexity of our modern world by understanding its relationship with the past.

Develop analytical acumen and global insight.

Learn to communicate ideas clearly and compellingly.

Offer thought leadership in your future career.

We welcome students of all backgrounds who seek an intensive liberal arts experience. Our faculty offer close mentoring to support your success. Our department partnerships provide opportunities for internships, scholarships and research travel.


Degree Requirements

In addition to completing the general university degree requirements and those required to earn a Bachelor of Arts, the major in Judaic Studies must meet the departmental requirements listed below. 


Students must earn a total of 60 credits in Judaic Studies courses.

Required courses:

  • JST 201: Introduction to Judaism
  • JST 317U/HST 317U: Jewish History from Antiquity to the Medieval Period
  • JST 318U/HST 318U: Jewish History from the Medieval Period to the Present
  • HEB 301: Modern Hebrew Readings
  • HEB 302: Modern Hebrew Readings
  • HEB 303: Third-Year Modern Hebrew
  • JST 407: Seminar
  • 4 credits of JST 402, JST 405, or JST 409
  • 4 credits of approved upper-division subject area outside of JST program
  • 24 credits of upper-division JST courses or instructor-approved equivalents.

In addition to the required courses above, students must choose an area of concentration in which they will take at least 12 credits in the upper-division. 

Areas of concentration:

For more information about current Judaic Studies course offerings, please visit our Courses page. Please also explore the PSU Bulletin for further details.