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Judaic Studies
Fall 2018 courses
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JST/HST 317U | Jewish History I: From Antiquity to the Medieval Period

ENG 330U | Jewish and Israeli Literature

JST/HST 378U  | Pagans Christians & Jews

JST/HST 380U - The Holocaust


JST/HST 317U: Jewish History I: From Antiquity to the Medieval Period

INSTRUCTOR: Loren Spielman
TIME/DAY(S): 10:00 - 11:50 TR
LOCATION: Ondine 201
CRN: 15102

When does the history of the Jews begin? How reliable is the Bible as a source for Jewish origins? What was life like for Jews living under Greek and Roman rule, during the time of Jesus, or under the first Christian and Muslim empires? This course will answer all these questions, covering the Jewish historical experience from its Biblical origins (circa 1000 BCE) through the end of the first millennium (1000 CE). We will examine diverse forms of Jewish life during antiquity and examine the boundaries of pre-modern Jewish cultural and religious identity. Special attention will also be paid to ancient Jewish literature, including texts from the Hebrew Bible, the Jewish Apocrypha, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Talmud.

This class is the first in a two semester introduction to the study of Jewish history, religion and culture (no prerequisites are required). University Studies cluster: Interpreting the Past.


ENG 330U: Jewish and Israeli Literature

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Weingrad
TIME/DAY(S): Class 11:30 - 12:35 MWF
LOCATION: Cramer Hall 183
CRN: 11577

This course looks at the Jewish encounter with modernity through literature.  The focus will be on literature produced by East European Jews in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a period of great upheaval reflected in the emerging modern Hebrew and Yiddish literatures of the time.  We will read works by such classic modern Jewish authors as Sholem Aleichem, S. Y. Agnon, and H. N. Bialik.  In the second half of the course we will sample literature produced after the 1930s, including Israeli literature and literature produced outside of Eastern Europe.


JST/HST 378U: Pagans Christians & Jews

Mithra mosaic

INSTRUCTOR: Loren Spielman
TIME/DAY(S): 14:00 - 15:50 TR
LOCATION: Urban Center Building 304
CRN: 12137

Discusses the development and interaction of Roman paganism, Christianity and Judaism during the period of Late Antiquity. Topics include education, philosophy, asceticism, ritual, religious law, the image of the holy man and the phenomenon of religious polemic in the Later Roman Empire (c. 250-600 CE).

Course Attributes: Interpreting the Past Cluster, Distribution: Social Science. This is the same course as JST 378U and may be taken only once for credit.


JST/HST 380U - The Holocaust
Hall of names

TIME/DAY(S): 14:00 - 15:50MW
LOCATION: Cramer Hall 371
CRN: 15642/ 15655

This course will introduce students to the Nazi-planned and executed genocide of European Jewry that has come to be known as the Holocaust. Although we will of course study the so-called "Final Solution" and the process of mass murder, the course aims to provide a broad and contextualized understanding of many aspects of the Holocaust. These include the German and European contexts for the rise of Nazism; the nature of antisemitism and its links to Nazi ideology and policy; the nature and definition of resistance; the question of the "bystanders"; and types of collaboration. The goal is to gain an understanding of the Holocaust as an aspect of many different kinds of history: Jewish history, German history, European history, the history of antisemitism, and perhaps also the history of human civilization (or absence thereof). As time permits, we will also touch upon how the Holocaust is understood and "used" in contemporary society. University Studies cluster: Global Perspectives.