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About JaLoGoMa

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About the Program

Since 2004, the Center for Public Service has worked with the support and cooperation of the Tokyo Foundation to provide a training program for municipal government officers from all over Japan. The program focuses on developing leadership skills and innovative thinking, and is one facet of the Tokyo Foundation's "Weekend School" for local government managers.

Every year, applicants are recruited from all over Japan, and after a highly selective review, 20 to 30 local government managers are chosen to participate in the program. As part of the Weekend School program, participants attend lectures and workshops in Japan between May and October. For one week in August, they complete a focused training program in Portland, Oregon. This weeklong program is the Center for Public Service's Japanese Local Government Managers' (JaLoGoMa) Training Program.

For more detailed information about the program theme and structure, click the links below:

1. Theme: "Citizen-Based Urban Development in Portland, Oregon"

2. Program details and content


Meet JaLoGoMa Program's mascot, JaLoGoMa-kun!

The dog symbolizes Japanese public servants; earnest and diligent. It had always walked its path faithfully, staring down at the ground, until one day when it hopped on a bike for the first time.

Now high off the ground, the dog sees for the first time the magnificent view of the world that extends beyond the horizons. For the first time, it sees everything that had always existed around it.

This awakening experience, this sense of transformation, did something to the dog’s rigid square head; it opened up, and it let the sun shine in.

It must have been the fresh breeze or the warm sunlight. The seed that the dog had always carried within, but perhaps never knew, bloomed into a beautiful rose – the flower of City of Portland.


Created by one of the 2013 alumni Ms. Ohara