Programs & Courses


Aging-related classes are offered in different departments across campus. Classes offered through the Institute on Aging have the prefix “AGE” (e.g., AGE 558/658 Perspectives on Aging). These and most other aging-related classes can be taken toward the Graduate Certificate in Gerontology and/or in fulfillment of the requirements of a field specialization in aging in the Master’s of Public Health, the PhD in Urban Studies, and the PhD in Community Health programs - follow the links below (or on the top left) for more information.

Class Schedule:
Find out what aging-related classes are offered this term and in the near future.
Graduate Certificate Program in Gerontology: This certificate program provides multidisciplinary training for post-baccalaureate students interested in working with older adults in a variety of settings. 

Ph.D. Programs: Gerontology can be chosen as a field area in the doctoral program in Urban Studies and as an area of emphasis in the doctoral program in Community Health. 

Master of Public Health: Aging is one of the areas of specialization in the Oregon Master of Public Health program, which is offered through the School of Community Health. Follow this link for more information.