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Paula Carder, Ph.D.
Paula Carder, Ph.D.


Institutional and socio-cultural attitudes about aging, frailty, and dementia; long-term care policies and practices; consumer demand and responses to long-term care; categories of senior housing; and qualitative methods for studying institutional and organizational practices


Dr. Carder has been the PI and co-PI of studies funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research Quality, National Institute on Aging, Oregon Partners for Alzheimer's Research, and Oregon's Seniors and Persons with Disabilities. Current and recent projects include an evaluation of Oregon's long-term care systems, an ethnographic study of medication management practices in dementia care facilities, and a pilot study of barriers and opportunities for sustainable practices in senior housing.

Selected Publications

Carder, P.C. (2012). “Learning about your residents”: How assisted living med aides administer pro re nata (PRN) medications to persons with dementia. The Gerontologist 52(1), 46-55.

Carder, P.C., Weinstein, J., & Kohon, J. (2011). Home Forward’s Aging in Place Initiative: Planning for Current and Future Residents. Report submitted to Home Forward (Housing Authority of Portland). Available, Institute on Aging, Portland State University

Zimmerman, S., Love, K., Sloane, P., Reed, D., Cohen, L., & Carder, P.C. (2011). Medication Administration Errors in Assisted Living. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 59, 1060-1068.

Cotrell, V., and Carder, P.C. (2010). Health-related needs assessment of older residents in subsidized housing. Cityscape 12(2), 47-66.

Eckert, J.K., Carder, P.C., Morgan, L.A., Frankowski, A.C., Roth, E.  (2009). Inside Assisted Living. Johns Hopkins University Press.

Carder, P.C., Zimmerman, S., Schumacher, J.G.  (2009). Understanding the intersection of individual needs and choices with organizational practices:  The case of medication management in assisted living.  The Gerontologist, 49, 463-473.

Carder, P.C. (2008). Managing medication management in assisted living: A situational analysis. Journal of Ethnography and Qualitative Research, 3(1), 1-12.

Carder, P.C., Morgan, L.M., & Eckert, J.K. (Winter 2006). Small Board-and-Care Homes in the Age of Assisted Living. Generations 29(4), 24-31.


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