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Kathleen Sullivan Ph.D.-Director, LGBT Center, Los Angeles
Kathleen Sullivan Ph.D.-Director, LGBT Center, Los Angeles

Kathleen's Current Work

Kathleen is the Director of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the largest LGBT Senior Service Department in the nation. The Center has over 3,300 clients who participate in enrichment, social or educational programs. Kathleen oversees the drop-in center, 104 unit apartment building of affordable housing, and the LGBT Training program that has been used to train over 3,000 providers of care and services.

"The IOA helped me prepare for my job by giving me the tools and knowledge of how to use research to plan, develop and evaluate the program. Since I started at the Center we have done two client surveys which have directly helped in our strategic planning and helped grow the department 450% in the past five years."

What made IOA a unique learning experience 

"Margaret Neal made it a unique learning experience. She is one of the best educators, researchers and planners I have known. I was at the IOA when Beth Kutza was around as well and she was a remarkable woman and teacher. Margaret made it very clear to me from the outset that the IOA was a safe place for me to explore LGBT issues related to aging."