Serving Older Adults with Behavioral Health Needs


General Information About the Program
Information Sheet - Conceptual Framework - Reports - Project Bibliography

Critical Issues and Promising Practices in Behavioral Health: Supporting Older Adults and People with Disabilities
PowerPoint Slides - Attendee List

Behavioral Health Specialists for Older Adults and People with Disabilities Contact Sheet


County Profiles for Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist Service Areas in Oregon


Modules for Aging Services & Behavioral Health Service Providers
8 Modules with YouTube Training Links, PowerPoint Slides, Companion Guides, and Participant Companion Guides

Modules and Resources for Primary Care Providers
5 Modules and Additional Materials (e.g., Age-Related Changes)

Community Awareness & Education Modules
3 Modules with PowerPoint Slides and Companion Guides

ADRC Services and Supports for People Living with Dementia -ADRC Dementia Training
2 Modules and a Companion Guide on Serious Mental Illness and Dementia

Behavioral Health Summit: Improving Outcomes and Reducing Barriers for Older Adults and People with Disabilities   

 Statewide and Regional Data Presentations, Keynote, and Video

Behavioral Health Call to Action: Improving Outcomes for Older Adults and People with Disabilities in Oregon

PowerPoint Slides, Logic Model, Data Summaries, Recommendations for Policy Makers