Class Schedule

This page provides information about classes offered in current and upcoming terms, as well as a look back over previous terms so a student may get a picture of what courses are offered over a school year. Past offerings are no guarantee of future terms, but can be helpful for general planning purposes. Some courses are offered on an odd or even-year basis only. Information is correct at the time of posting, and is strictly for the convenience of IOA students for an overview of course offerings. Please see the PSU class schedule for official listings, changes, cancellations, and course details. If you have any questions, please contact the IOA.

Summer 2018

  • Mental Health and Aging1 (AGE 560/660 - online course) - 3 credits
  • Sociology of Aging2 (SOC 469/569 - online course) - 4 credits

Spring 2018

  • Health Aspects of Aging (AGE 556 - online course) - 4 credits
  • Perspectives on Aging1 (AGE 558/658 - online course) - 3 credits
  • Global Aging (AGE 562 - online course) - 3 credits; students who make a successful application to Education Abroad for our service learning program in Nicaragua also take Service Learning in Nicaragua (AGE 563) - 3 credits
  • National Long Term Care Policy1 (AGE 557/665 - online course) - 4 credits

Winter 2018

  • Families and Aging (AGE 516/CRN 45842 - online course) - 4 credits
  • Business and Aging (AGE 523/CRN 45843 - online course) - 4 credits
  • Psychology of Adult Development/Aging2 (PSY 462/CRN 43678) - 4 credits
  • Psychology of Adult Development/Aging2 (PSY 562/CRN 43689) - 4 credits
  • Midlife and Beyond1,3 (SW 544/CRN 44154) - 3 credits
  • Midlife and Beyond1,3 (SW 644/CRN 44177) - 3 credits
  • End of Life & Palliative Care3 (SW 569/CRN 44169) - 3 credits

Fall 2017

  • Health Aspects of Aging (AGE 556/CRN 16118) - 4 credits
  • Perspectives on Aging1 (AGE 558/CRN 16119) - 3 credits
  • Perspectives on Aging1 (AGE 658/CRN 16120) - 3 credits

1 This class has different identification numbers for Certificate and doctoral students. Graduate Certificate and Master's level students register for the 500 level; Ph.D. students register for the 600 level. 

2 Students in the Graduate Certificate Certificate or a Master's program must enroll for 500-level courses (400-level courses are for undergraduate students only and will not count toward a graduate certificate or graduate degree; 600-level courses are for doctoral students only and require additional assignments).

3 All students who are not enrolled in the Master's in Social Work program must have prior approval to take classes in Social Work before registering. Please contact the Social Work department by e-mail.