Aging Matters Initiative

The Aging Matters: Locally and Globally Initiative at PSU is committed to enhancing and sustaining the quality of life for older adults who are poor, frail or incapacitated, and who have little support. Created through a gift by PSU alumni Drs. Keren Brown Wilson and Michael DeShane, the initiative was developed to find innovative responses to the growing number of older adults, locally and internationally, amidst a time of declining public resources and safety net services. Check out the article about the Initiative in the College of Urban and Public Affairs newsletter! Using a community development approach, the initiative seeks to identify underutilized assets and strengths of both individuals and communities to help older adults maintain their independence. By studying the first-hand experiences and life choices of those who are "living at the margins," as well as policies and programs that affect older persons, the Aging Matters Initiative offers sustainable and practical responses to population aging.


Aging Matters in Oregon: Imagine the Possibilities in 2040

This spring the Institute on Aging is hosting a series of summits through our Aging Matters, Locally and Globally initiative that will bring together thinkers throughout our state to explore innovative ideas for policies and services that will confront the realities of a population composed of more elderly persons than at any point in history. Invited participants will include leaders in social services, education, economics, health care, research, policy, government, volunteerism, arts, community development, and long-term care.


Each summit, facilitated by Oregon Consensus, will address the social, cultural, economic, and policy impacts of a rapidly aging society. The goal is to generate a menu of practical, creative strategies that take into account economic possibilities and realities, socio-cultural expectations, and personal responsibilities and that will result in policies and programs that will sustain and enhance individuals over the life course.


Documents from the Summits

Older People Contribute More Than They Take
By Michael R. DeShane, Keren B. Wilson, and Marvin Kaiser

Report of the Multnomah County Task Force on Vital Aging - 2008


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