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Thematic Focus: INTL Development Studies

Focus: International Development Studies (ISID)

IDS Coordinator: Polo Rodriguez:  725-8245


We recommend that students who choose International Development Studies as their major track select courses according to the sequence below.  Courses in bold are required core courses (A.) for the major (which also include Intl 407 and Intl 471 and an appropriate capstone course).

Please watch this video which goes over the requirements for an IDS track major.


INTL 201 Introduction to International Studies

INTL 2__ : Introduction to _________________ Studies (according to regional focus*)

INTL 390:  Foundations of Global Studies

INTL 397: US Policy and the Developing World (offered SPRING term only)

INTL 490: Global Sustainable Development (elective, most likely offered in FALL every other year)

INTL 410: Issues in International Development (elective, most likely offered in FALL every other year)


B.  In addition addition, IDS  majors complete at least 20 upper-division credits (with a grade C or above) from adviser-approved, development-related electives, selected from many departments and programs, including courses offered in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Urban and Public Affairs.

To enhance your knowledge of international development, we recommend at least one of these two courses:

INTL 490: Global Sustainable Development

INTL 410: Issues in International Development

Electives for IDS can be chosen from the list available every term composed of courses in departments as diverse as Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology and Women Studies. You should aim for courses that build a complementary understanding of

            1) Theories of development and relevant social science theories

            2) Issues related to the practice of development in a particular context

            3) The management of projects and organizations working in development

To view the adviser approved list of IDS electives for the current term, see Forms/Lists.


C. & D.  Majors in International Developments Studies will also select a world region of focus (or, with adviser appproval, a bi-regional focus) and must demonstrate second-year proficiency in a second language related to the region.  For information on each of five regions of focus--Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East--and for regional advising see the links in the menu bar in the above left margin of this page.