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The International & Global Studies degree affords an excellent foundation for careers requiring an understanding of international economic, political, social and cultural affairs, as well as a solid foundation for graduate work in professional fields such as journalism, international relations, public health, or community development. Our graduates have gone on to find positions in international business, as well as nonprofits and government organizations where they work on a wide variety of topics such as food systems, education, agriculture and the environment, youth empowerment, and health.

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What Some of Our Alumni Are Up To:


Rheanna MurrayRheanna Murray:  Rheanna graduated from PSU in June 2017 with BAs in International Development Studies and French as well as a Certificate in African Studies. Her study abroad experience in France and Senegal during her third year at PSU gave her the experience needed to apply for an internship with the West, Central and North Africa (WCNA) team at Mercy Corps Global Headquarters during her senior year - Recently, she was promoted to Temporary Assistant Program Officer with the WCNA team, where she provides administrative and programmatic assistance for grant proposal development throughout the WCNA region. In her spare time she works as a French professor with the Alliance Française de Portland in Goose Hollow and volunteers for Sahel Sounds, a record label based out of Portland that works with musicians from the Sahel region of West Africa.



Megan Vose: "As a Portland State Alumni, I studied International Studies with an emphasis on Latin America and Cultural/Social Geography. Professor Stephen Frenkel sparked my interest in Commodity Chains and Commodity Agriculture through a class titled, Silver to Cocaine.  This has continued to be a main focus throughout my education and professional decisions ever since.

I entered a Peace Corps Masters International Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies where I will be graduating in May 2016 with a Masters of International Environmental Policy.  I recently returned from serving two years in Peace Corps Panama, working with rural agricultural communities and trying to improve harvest and develop small agricultural based business.  Although the work that we did was impactful, we realized a larger barrier to growth was access to markets.  Along with another former Panama Peace Corps Volunteer, we are attmepting to support a change in the food system by building a for profit retail food market in Panama City.  The market will focus on local, Panamanian produced foods and knowing your producers.  A portion of our profits will be used to help lift up those who don't currently have access to markets, so they may be able to participate in the economy that exists, and begin to better their economic situations."


Brent Bellamy (2011): After graduation Brent worked for a youth empowerment organization in a small impoverished village in rural Peru. This experience led him to return to PSU to complete a MPA with a specialization in Global Leadership and Management. He then began working at the mission driven international gap year organization Carpe Diem Education. Brent recently took a position at the organization's non-profit partner Carpe Mundi and is working as the Development and Communication Coordinator. Carpe Mundi works with low income first generation college students in the Portland area. The program heavily emphasizes experiential education, community, and international travel.


Andres Guzman (2011) graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Studies with a thematic focus on development studies and a regional focus on Latin America, Sociology, and Economics. He was in the first cohort to graduate from Portland State with an International Development Studies major. His University Capstone took him to Argentina with the help of the Oregon Consular Corps (OCC) International Studies Scholarship. His Capstone focused on the viability of alternative income-generating strategies and the development of an ecotourism programme for a rural, agriculturally-dependent population. In 2014 Andres completed his Masters of Arts in Sociology from the University of Oregon with a focus on environmental sociology and the intersections between environmental sociology and gender, sexualities, and masculinities. Andres enjoys giving back to the community by serving as an Advisory Board Committee Member for the non-profit Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, which works to protect community and environmental health and inspire the use of ecologically sound solutions to reduce pesticide use. In addition, Andres volunteers his time as an interviewer for the OCC scholarships as part of his commitment to making higher education more accessible to undergraduates. Andres works in Human Resources at Mt. Hood Community College and uses the skills and knowledge of his liberal arts education to be successful in this professional capacity. 


Pouya Daniel Ahmadi is studying and working in our nation's capital: "I am a masters student and a McNair scholar at American University in Washington DC studying International Economics. I am currently working at the World Bank as a part time Security Analyst while also working on a business consulting practicum project at Lockheed Martin International. I did my undergraduate studies at Portland State University majoring in International Studies and minoring in Arabic and Economics. I hope to continue my education in the field of International Trade and Financial Law and pursue a career in the field of diplomacy and global affairs."


Sara Kiely (2009): "In April 2014 I moved to Ghana, West Africa. I started as a volunteer with an organization called Point Hope. I agreed to stay for 6 months but had a dream of staying much longer. Point Hope is a non-profit organization with divisions in Kasoa, Ghana and Seattle, Washington. We support nutrition, health, education, water and sanitation in refugee camps across Ghana. During my 6 months of volunteering, my dream came true and I began working as the Volunteer Coordinator. I now live and work full-time in a beautiful, friendly and safe country doing invaluable work with Ghana nationals and refugees alike. As the Volunteer Coordinator, we are always in search of future volunteers and have many opportunities available throughout the year."


Shortly after graduating, Laura Chase (2014) began an adventure in Ghana. Where will Laura go next? Follow her trip HERE.





Harley Henigson (2013) has also been in Ghana, working with the Village Bicycle Project. Follow his adventures HERE




PSU alum Clare Margason is currently living and working in a small village called Kengkia in Laos. She has committed to living and working at the Sai Nyai Eco-School for one year. Follow her adventures HERE.



This is what PSU alum Ray Leon has been up to: "In June I was hired to do an export and marketing internship for Blasons de Bourgogne, a major wine producer in the Burgundy region of France. I spent six months working in the small town of Chablis in northern Burgundy. My job included creating promotional materials, analyzing sales figures, translations and wine tastings with clients. I got to know the town, the people, experience life out in the French countryside and I greatly improved my French! Since then I have been traveling for the last two months through Europe and Asia. When I get back I hope to continue working in the wine industry at home or abroad."


Where some of our alumni study after PSU:

  • American University
  • Clark University
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies
  • University of Wisconsin- Madison
  • University of Oregon


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