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East Asian Studies Faculty

Associated East Asian Faculty:

These faculty welcome questions about their areas of expertise.


Barbara Brower Ph.D.
Professor of Geography
Teaching interests: Geography of Central Asia.
Research interests: Cultural resource management, Himalayas and Nepal.  503-725-8044 424H CH

Michele Gamburd Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology
Teaching interests: South Asian anthropology.
Research interests: Gender, violence and transnationalism.    503-725-3317  141-H CH  

Priya Kapoor Ph.D.
Professor of Communications
Teaching interests: Intercultural Speech Communication.
Research interests: Intercultural South Asian communications.    503-725-3543 31 NH     

Larry Kominz Ph.D.
Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Teaching interests: Japanese languages, literature and translation skills.
Research interests: Traditional Japanese drama, literature and film.    503-725-5288 451J NH  

Gerry Sussman Ph.D.
Professor of International Studies and Urban Studies and Planning
Teaching interests: Political economy of urban development, information systems, and media.
Research interests: Political globalization, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and world systems analysis.    503-725-5176               

Ron Tammen Ph.D.
Director, Hatfield School of Government
Teaching interests: World politics.    503-725-8443 650A URBN

Stephen Wadley Ph.D.
Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Teaching interests: Chinese language, language history and modern literature.
Research interests: Historical Chinese linguistics, Altaic languages.    503-725-5293 451O NH   

Linda Walton Ph.D.
Professor of History and International Studies
Teaching interests: Chinese history.
Research interests: Pre-modern China, social and intellectual history and Modern East Asia.    503-725- 3004 441H CH  

Suwako Watanabe Ph.D.
Professor, Foreign Languages and Literature
Teaching interests: Japanese discourse analysis and communication.
Research interests: Cross-cultural communication.    503-725-5284 475 NH     

Patricia Wetzel Ph.D.
Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures and Interim Vice Provost of International Affairs 
Teaching interests: Japanese language, linguistics and pedagogy.
Research interests: Japanese sociolinguistics and anthropology.    503-725-5277 320 EH