The Department of International & Global Studies offers a 52-credit major (plus two years of language) in Global Studies or International Development, or a 64-credit major in a regional focus area. Students can also choose a minor or certificate to add a global perspective to any degree.

Majors Offered:

The Regions for the Regional Studies major

  1. African
  2. Asian Studies  
  3. European Studies
  4. Latin American Studies
  5. Middle East Studies
  6. Contemporary Turkish Studies

Check out the Course Projection Guide to see when classes are available, so you can map out your degree.

Certificate Programs:
The University awards certificates for language and area specialization to students who have completed, or are completing, the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in any other field. Certificates are currently available in

Students in the International Studies major, minor and certificate programs are encouraged to consider overseas study opportunities available through the Education Abroad Office, Karl Miller Center 6th floor, or