Academic Programs

The Department of International & Global Studies offers three majors: Global Studies, International Development Studies, and Regional Studies. Students can also choose a minor or certificate to add a global perspective to any degree.


Global Studies (52 credits)  Requirements

A major in Global Studies gives a global perspective to your degree. Students develop an understanding of world cultures, politics, and economics, within the context of globalization, to address global issues of social justice, human rights, development, health and the environment.


International Development Studies (52 credits)  Requirements

A major in International Development Studies provides the necessary background to understand the challenges that developing nations face in achieving improved living conditions for their inhabitants. Emphasis is placed on the political economy of global, international, regional and national structures of power that shape the context within which development takes place. Analysis grounded in history, and conscious of environmental impacts and social and economic inequalities, prepares our students for graduate studies in development, and/or a career in international development at non-governmental organizations and state agencies alike.


Regional Studies (64 credits + 2 years of a connected foreign language or equivalent)  Requirements

The Regional Studies major provides you with both a global perspective and a comprehensive view of a geographic region of the world. In this major you develop an advisor-approved course of study focusing on one geographic area.



Add a global dimension to any degree with a minor in International & Global Studies. Requirements


Certificate Programs:

Students who have completed, or are completing, the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in any field can earn a certificate. Certificates are currently available in:


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