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Institutional Assessment Council

The IAC Goals are to

  • Promote and advocate for the continued implementation of assessment across the campus.
  • Create principles and recommendations for assessment planning that are sustainable and learning-focused.
  • Provide counsel aimed at enhancing the quality of student learning through assessment activities.
  • In cooperation with the ex-officio members, the Council will design a framework for promoting assessment long term and will provide guidelines for implementation.  
  • Serve as the primary advisory mechanism for institutional assessment and coordinate with the assistant and associate deans group the implementation of systemic annual reporting by the schools and colleagues.
  • Create an annual document on the status of assessment that will form the basis for institutional reports, such as those required by the PSU faculty senate and the regional accreditation body, NWCCU.

IAC Annual Report. The IAC reports to the Provost and Faculty Senate annually: 13-14 IAC Report to Faculty Senate