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Turning Points: PSU students describe their life-changing moments

THE RESULT OF GREAT ACADEMIC CHALLENGE is great change—growth not just in your depth of knowledge, but in your whole view of the world. It takes diligence, and dedication and strength of character to go from just learning something to applying it to the world in an entirely new way. And once that happens, there's no going back.

Nicole Zimmerman knew she didn’t want to wait tables at 50 years old.

Nabil Mistkawi had his chemical engineering doctoral exam the same day his youngest daughter was born.

Lea Loo longed for creativity more than money.

In every life there are hundreds of turning points. We take a leap, and with one breakthrough, we can change everything. These students are among those who found their breakthroughs at Portland State University.

Through great academic challenges they discovered growth not just in their depth of knowledge, but also in their worldviews. PSU took them from being students to being different people entirely.