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Senior Capstone


Seniors work to put the rush back in rush hour

What would it take to make the Portland Streetcar run on time more often?

That's a question an intrepid band of PSU engineering students are working to answer for their senior capstone project. The group has been analyzing data provided by Portland Streetcar Inc., and have been gathering data of their own by riding the streetcar with GPS technology to track its progress as it winds its way through downtown.

Peter Koonce of the Portland Bureau of Transportation said streetcar delays are frequent during peak traffic times. He contacted PSU to get help, and is working with the students on the project. How to fix the problem? The students are creating computer models and will come up with solutions that may include changing traffic signal timing, or even redrawing street lanes.

PSU senior capstone projects are one of the many ways in which Portland State students engage with the city. The projects help them gain experience by working with public and private organizations to solve real-world problems.