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Meet Blas Delascio - MRED ‘14
Meet Blas Delascio - MRED ‘14

Current position: Real Estate Project Manager

Current organization: Columbia Sportswear 


Tell us a bit about your current position. What do you do at Columbia? 

I am part of the real estate group and I also work on retail implementation team that is building our stores around the country. One of them, in Boston, is being remodeled right now while we operate it. There’s a lot of communication that goes into that! 

What were you doing before you joined the MRED? 

I worked for Walsh Construction for 14 years, first as a superintendent and then as an estimator. It’s interesting to be on the client side now. In fact, Columbia was one of my previous employer’s clients, so I had a relationship with the team there. 

How did you decide to enroll in the MRED? 

Studying in the U.S. was a personal goal for me. When I first moved here, I thought I’d go for an MBA, but then I found out about the MRED and that resonated with me. I knew I was not going to make a dramatic shift into a different field. I wanted to stay connected to what I knew, and to leverage my construction background to bring value to a company. The MRED fit that exactly. Of course, cost is always a commitment. I was lucky to receive a scholarship and support from my employer. I think it’s important to be clear on your intention. Why do you want to make this investment? For me, it was absolutely worth it. 


Can you share a bit about your experience with the program? 

It was really solid. I did it part time, which means there were some long nights and weekends of studying, but I don’t regret a minute of it. Julie and Gerry, who lead the program, were amazingly supportive. What also stood out to me were the connections to the community. We had great networking and mentorship opportunities, and I’ve developed real friendships. I think it’s also unique that we traveled to conferences, and to see interesting developments beyond Portland. For me, it was really valuable to develop new friendships with other students and connect with professionals in the real estate field. I apply what I learned in my job every day. I can say that I had a super positive experience and I am really happy with my decision.