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Finding Creative Solutions
Finding Creative Solutions

Rachelle Richmond, Innovation Assistant in the Office of Innovation & Intellectual Property at Portland State University, is here to help faculty members and principle investigators find creative solutions that will increase the impact of Portland State University innovations; it is a task to which she brings her considerable abilities.

Rachelle came to PSU from the Office of Contracts and Grants at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she also received a Master’s degree in Geophysics. Rachelle brings to IIP a skill set honed in intellectual property technical consulting, contract and grant administrations, and expertise and knowledge in the physical sciences that complements Director Joe Janda’s life sciences background. With an academic background in research, physics, and semiconductor technologies, Rachelle has the knowledge necessary to understand and be sympathetic to the needs of faculty members in these areas and others.

“The mission of our office is to promote the use and increase the impact of PSU innovations,” Rachelle said, “in whatever way is best facilitated to do that. Whatever the predicament, problem, or issue that needs to be solved, I try to find creative solutions.” To that end, Rachelle works with, connects, and combines researchers and their PSU innovations, the greater business community, company sponsors, and the tools of intellectual property.