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Powering Intel

Powering Intel

When Intel Oregon looks to expand its job force, it turns to the university that has already graduated over 1,000 Intel employees: Portland State University.

Intel, the global manufacturer of semiconductors and computing solutions, employs over 15,000 employees here in Oregon, making it the state's largest private employer. And more than 1,000 of those employees earned their degree at Portland State University.

Developing a workforce for Oregon's industries is part of PSU's $1.4 billion annual economic impact.

But the University's longstanding partnership with Intel goes much deeper.

Here are a few examples:

  • PSU's new Scholars for Success in STEM Bridge Program supports 20 incoming PSU freshmen from underrepresented backgrounds who are pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Intel helps fund the program, and also invites the students to its Hillsboro campus for guided tours and talks with Intel employees.  
  • The annual Intel Northwest Science Expo, hosted by PSU, develops scientific talent and promotes science literacy in Oregon middle and high school students, creating a venue for high quality student research.
  • The Intel Vietnam Scholars Program selects top Vietnamese students for advanced training in engineering and computer science at PSU. Fall 2011 marked the third cohort of students, who will go on to work at Intel Vietnam. This program builds on PSU and Intel's longstanding partnership, PSU's curricular strengths, and the Universities strong ties to Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training and the University of Science.
  • PSU's newly remodeled Science Research and Teaching Center features the Intel Environmental Science Teaching Laboratory, supporting graduate students' work with agencies, consulting and engineering firms and manufacturers.


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Nabil Mistkawi earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from PSU while working full-time at Intel. There he developed a unique chemical formulation for advanced microprocessors manufacturing that is environmentally friendly and saves Intel tens of millions of dollars annually.






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