New Executive Leadership Program announced
Author: CEPE
Posted: February 19, 2019

Portland State University’s Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) is launching an Executive Leadership program starting April 5, 2019. According to Center Director Michelle Giovannozzi, this certificate program is the result of increased demand from Portland area executives who already have extensive training in skills such as strategy and finance, but are looking for a higher level, more personalized and holistic approach.

The program was developed by CEPE in partnership with leadership experts who share a common vision that executives have the power to not only transform their organizations but also their communities. According to Nicole Sisco, CEPE assistant director of Programs, it was important that those engaged in development of the program be strongly aligned with Portland State and CEPE values and have diverse industry experience. Given this, the program leaders and executive coaches have experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit and governmental organizations and understand the unique challenges leaders face in a variety of industries.

For five months, Executive Leadership program participants will engage in classroom-based learning, personal leadership assessment, peer mentoring and individual executive coaching sessions. Instead of focusing on the technical and interpersonal skills that have helped the participants to achieve their current role, the program focuses on the core challenges of 21st-century leadership: how to embrace innovation and lead change.

Participants are supported through the program by an executive sponsor, program leaders, individual coaches, and a cohort of peers who can relate to the everyday challenges they face. These resources will help executives hold themselves and their peers accountable for staying the course, instead of letting the everyday busyness of their demanding roles get in the way.

Participants should be executive leaders who have a minimum of five years senior management experience. Leaders from any industry are encouraged to apply. Eligibility requirements and more information on the program can be found on the Executive Leadership program website. Please contact Nicole Sisco at with questions.