Federal internship opportunities
Author: Jessica Douglas
Posted: December 21, 2012

Portland State University has continually strived to provide resources for students who are seeking professional internships and assist them through the application processes. Vacancy announcements are delivered to students through PSU Career Connect, listservs, and the PSU Advising & Career Services postings.

Many of the opportunities advertised to students are corporate and nonprofit organizations, but what about federal internships and careers? Federal internships and government careers have slowly faded from the spotlight, and their vibrancy and appeal to students has slowly diminished.

However, federal internships (for both current students and recent graduates) have a wide variety of benefits and provide students with increasing knowledge through real life business experience. In a collaborative effort between the Partnership for Public Service, the Department of Interior, and Portland State University, a unique and exciting opportunity was developed to explore the many paths available to current and graduating students. This collaborative effort is designed to provide guidance for students to explore the many opportunities and resources pertaining to federal employment, create federal resumes and provide tips to applying for positions. With the assistance of Portland State Career Services, these resources will be readily available to students.

Additionally, planning has begun to provide regular workshops for students on topics ranging from “How to Create a Federal Resume” to “What are Federal Jobs and Where Do I Find Them?” Should students need assistance beyond these workshops, individual advising can be arranged by the Federal Student Ambassador Jessica Douglas at Resources are also available from staff in the PSU Advising & Career Services office. 

As employment becomes more competitive and even less accessible, it is vital for future generations to gain experience through reputable organizations. The staff at Portland State University are invested in the careers and lives of their students and want to provide them with every possible opportunity to succeed.

For more information, visit this Promote Public Service Facebook page, which is also available by scanning the below QR code.