Community-Based Learning, WLL 404: Language, Literacy, & Leadership
Author: World Languages and Literatures
Posted: February 28, 2013

Community-Based Learning

WLL 404 (CRN 65470): Language, Literacy, & Leadership

Spring 2013: M/W 12:00-13:50

Do you…

  • Have any interest in Africa?
  • Speak two or more languages?
  • Know math, science, English?
  • Want to help K-16, or adult immigrants?
  • Want to do something different for a good cause?
  • Want to put your skills to use?
  • Want to make a change in someone’s life?

If so, we need you to tutor and mentor immigrant students and other struggling students living within the Portland metro area.

Do you want to experience—bilingualism, biculturalism, and student success in a service-learning environment?

This course pairs PSU students with non-native speakers of English within schools and communities in the Portland metro area for the purpose of mentoring the students, not necessarily in the students’ own languages, but having a second language will be a plus. Students working in public school must pass a background check.

On Mondays or Wednesdays at PSU, you will explore topics in mentoring, tutoring, education, languages, cultures, and literatures of Africa (often with professionals in the field). On the schedule agreed upon by you and your student/learner, you will be mentoring and tutoring non-native speakers of English in an assigned location.

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