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AIA publishes report of findings by 2011 Latrobe Prize recipients, including PSU Professor of Architecture Sergio Palleroni
Author: Karen O'Donnell Stein
Posted: July 22, 2013

PORTLAND, Or. (22 July 2013) – The research and findings of Portland State University Professor of Architecture Sergio Palleroni and his fellow recipients of the 2011 American Institute of Architects Latrobe Prize have been released in a report titled “Wisdom from the Field: Public Interest Architecture in Practice: A guide to public interest practices in architecture.” The report is available here: 

The prestigious $100,000 grant is awarded every two years by the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows “for research leading to significant advances in the architecture profession.” The 2011 grant was the first Latrobe award to be given for the purpose of researching public interest design, and the resulting research has seeded the formation of PSU School of Architecture’s newly established Center for Public Interest Design

The 2011 Latrobe Prize recipients and authors of the comprehensive report are Palleroni, Professor of Architecture and director of the PSU Center for Public Interest Design; Bryan Bell, executive director of Design Corps; David Perkes, of Mississippi State University; and Roberta Feldman, of University of Illinois at Chicago. 

In its announcement of the report, the AIA states: “Among the findings of the report is that public interest design is transforming architectural practices. This transformation to a more public interest model can be seen as a wide-spread response to the concern that the conventional model of practice responds solely to the paying client, limiting the profession’s capacity to address the problems of our time.”