Last Mile


The Last Mile (image header)

Why would a student come so close to graduating, sometimes within a few credits, and not finish?

Faculty and staff members working on PSU's Student Success Initiative discovered that sometimes there is a death in the family. Sometimes kids are born. Sometimes they run out of money. There are lots of reasons, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

That's how the Last Mile committee was born. Its goal is to identify undergraduate students who have dropped out of PSU within a term or two of completing degrees and help them return to school and cross that last mile.

By reaching out to students via phone, e-mail, and Facebook, committee members have assisted more than 500 students with curricular and financial problem solving to enable them to graduate.

"We want people to know that they are still our students," said committee member Robert Mercer. "And we're here to help. It's never too late."

If you want to learn how the Last Mile program can help you graduate, send an e-mail to