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Hot Jobs 2011


Class of 2011 Hot Jobs

Jeremiah Zimmerman, Molly Etim, and Alexis Young are graduating in June from Portland State University with the three hottest degrees in the country: engineering, business, and accounting. The proof? All three have jobs waiting for them.

Nationally, hiring projections for the Class of 2011 are better than they have been in years.

Greg Flores, interim director of PSU's Career Center, says this year's career fairs drew more than 100 employers to campus, twice as many as last year and the biggest turnout ever.

Jeremiah Zimmerman

Jeremiah Zimmerman, mechanical engineering

Alexis Young

Alexis Young, accounting

Molly Etim, marketing

Molly Etim, marketing

That's how Zimmerman found his job designing solid-ink print heads for Xerox. His degree (a master's in mechanical engineering) and work in Professor Derek Tretheway's microscale lab gave him the edge.

Young, an accounting student, will start work in July as an auditor in the Oregon Secretary of State's Audits Division. "When the state saw PSU on my resume, they could trust that I was coming in with a solid foundation," she says.

Etim, a business administration/marketing major, credits PSU's Food Industry Leadership Center with helping her find a job as a sales representative for Kraft Foods. The center places nearly all of its students in jobs.

It's still tough out there for new graduates, but PSU students with the right degrees and work experience are at the head of the class.