Breathe easier

Portland State University will establish a “Clean Air Corridor” in January in the heart of campus where smoking will be prohibited. Idling vehicles, gas powered leaf blowers, pressure washers and small utility vehicles also will be off limits in the Corridor – all in an effort to reduce pollution and support PSU’s sustainable mission.


The goal is to protect all who live, work, study or visit the campus from the health problems associated with second hand smoke and other air pollutants. It’s also to educate the public about smoking policies that have been in effect at PSU since 2007. Wherever you are on campus, remember that smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of building entrances and exits, air intake vents and operable windows. Campus Public safety will enforce the policy. Students violating the policy may be referred to the Dean of Students.

Establishing the Corridor puts PSU in alignment with other Oregon universities, community colleges and at least 10 other higher education institutions in Portland that have smoke-free campus efforts and policies.

The corridor extends from the north end of Lincoln Hall to the south end of Shattuck Hall (see blue area on map). In January, student volunteers will patrol the corridor to educate students, faculty and staff of the new policy. A smoker’s shelter between Cramer Hall and the Smith Memorial Student Union will be replaced with bicycle parking.

Although smoking is a big target, the Corridor is really about reducing all types of air pollution. Did you know that running a gas-powered leaf blower for an hour emits as much harmful pollution as a car being driven 100 miles. Starting Jan. 1, leaf blowers in the Corridor will have to be electric.

See the Clean Air Corridor website for more information, including enforcement and tobacco-cessation programs on campus.