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Driving the Clean Economy

PSU researchers are teaming up with Portland General Electric, public agencies and Oregon's growing EV industry.

Their goal? To understand how electric vehicles (EVs) will impact infrastructure, drivers, and the environment, and to pave the way for this next generation of low-emission/high-mileage vehicles.

One obstacle on the road to mass adoption of plug-in vehicles: Where do you fuel up cars that don't use gas?

Electric Avenue, launched in August 2011, is a two-year research partnership between PSU,  Portland General Electric and other public and private partners that tackles this infrastructure question.

Electric vehicle drivers can park and plug in to one of several different charging stations that have been installed along Southwest Montgomery Street, between Broadway and Sixth Avenue in the center of PSU's campus downtown.

Electric Avenue

All charging stations are powered with 100 percent renewable energy from PGE, and vehicle charging is free. (Standard parking rates apply.)

The Electric Avenue project supports a growing industry, while giving researchers and policy makers a better understanding of how electric vehicles will affect infrastructure, driver behavior, and the environment.

Through partnerships with companies like PGE, PSU is helping move Oregon to a cleaner future. That's part of PSU's role as a leading urban research university—and part of PSU's $1.4 billion annual economic impact.


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