Friday Transportation Seminar: Challenges and Considerations for Travelers Who Have Visual Impairments: What Can You Do to Support Their Independence?
Friday, June 28, 2019 - 11:30am

This event is hosted by the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) at Portland State University. Friday Transportation Seminars at Portland State University have been a tradition since 2000. With the start of 2019, we're changing it up a bit! The seminar will be delivered 11:30 am (sharp) - 12:30 pm, with additional discussion over coffee and donuts afterwards. You can also watch online.


People who have a visual impairment face some unique challenges when it comes to travel. What strategies can they use to bicycle safely? How do they orient and travel in unfamiliar communities? How does signage, lighting and other environmental characteristics affect their use of vision, hearing, and other senses during travel? What do they consider when selecting a travel option? After exploring some of these challenges, we will discuss considerations those designing and supporting travel infrastructures may reflect on so that travel options are user friendly and accessible to those with a variety of visual impairments.


  • Understand the unique transportation challenges faced by people who have a visual impairment;
  • Gain insight into how transportation professionals can help by using inclusive designs;
  • Start to collect ideas for good practices in creating user friendly, accessible travel environments.


L. Penny Rosenblum, Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies, University of Arizona

Dr. Rosenblum is a Research Professor in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies at the University of Arizona. She has been a teacher of students with visual impairments since 1986. With Dr. Anne Corn in 2000, she co-authored Finding Wheels: A Curriculum for Non-drivers with Visual Impairments for Gaining Control of Transportation. Later this year the two will publish the book Finding Wheels: Strategies to Build Independent Travel Skills for Those with Visual Impairments. As a person with low vision, Dr. Rosenblum is able to share first-hand information with others about the impact of a visual impairment on the lives of children and adults. She lives in Tucson where she rides her bicycle over 3,000 miles a year and is a huge fan of rideshare services.


This 60-minute seminar is eligible for 1 hour of professional development credit for AICP (see our provider summary). We provide an electronic attendance certificate for other types of certification maintenance.


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