Visiting Scholars

2019 Visiting Scholars

Please join us in welcoming this year's new visiting scholars from China Academy of Urban Planning and Design!

Jun-Hyung Kim

Rong Ding

Shuangnan Liao

Yang You

Chinese Visiting Scholars Program:

Due to our extra resources available at the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization program, and the higher demand from academic scholars in Chinese universities and professional planners from planning institutions,  we accept visiting scholars both from planning institutions and universities in China.

Academic Researchers as Visiting Scholars

Academics currently working in Chinese universities who holds a PhD degree,  can apply individually to our visiting scholar program. Visiting scholar invitation is formally going through Portland State University. Interested scholars should have a defined research question for the during of their application when applying for the position. They should identify his/her supervisor who could collaborate on their research questions and us based in the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning. If the supervision relationship is agreed by both parties,  the supervisor should initiate the procedure. A formal letter of invitation is sent to begin the process of official invitation and to prepare the documents necessary to obtain a U.S. entry visa. There is English language requirement for applicants.

Under the supervisor’s support, the visiting scholar engages in individual research while in the program. The PSU-China program offer a weekly China seminar to support discussions around China’s urbanization, in comparing with international experiences. Visiting scholars will get office space, library access and computer access. No compensation from PSU is expected. The PSU-China program also provide support to visiting scholar with opportunities in presenting their own research, meeting with local planning agencies. Visiting scholar will receive a certificate for completing their study here in Portland State University.

The visiting duration is negotiable, usually by term or by year. To compensate for these application procedure and the extra service provided by the PSU-China program, we charge a fee to visiting scholars.  

Professional Planners as Visiting Scholars

We accept professional planners to be visiting scholars in our program. The connection should be coordinated at the institution level. A MOU is necessary to proceed the applications. Please email to discuss about the details.

Current partner institutions in China:

China Academy of Urban Planning and Design

Urban Planning and Design Institute in Shenzhen

PSU academic calendar is composed of three terms in each year. Each term is 10 weeks, and general time frame for these terms are as the following:

Fall term: End of September to end of December

Winter term: January to March

Spring term: April to June

If you have any further questions, please directly address your questions to