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Janet Hammer
Janet Hammer

B.S. 1985 (Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning) University of California, Davis

M.S. 1989 (Energy Management & Policy) University of Pennsylvania

M.C.P. 1990 (City & Regional Planning) University of Pennsylvania

M.S. 2001 (Curriculum & Instruction) Portland State University

Ph.D. 2007 (Urban Studies) Portland State University.

Dr. Hammer applies systems thinking to the development of healthy communities. Drawing on diverse disciplines and collaborating with diverse stakeholders, her work advances theory and practice regarding sustainable development. Whether termed sustainability or the triple bottom line, this approach considers how development investments can be designed for positive economic, environmental, and social returns. Dr. Hammer worked on sustainability issues in public, private, and non-governmental settings before joining our staff as Program Director of the Initiative on Triple Bottom Line Development.