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Past Visiting Scholars - 2011-2012

Xiaozhou Wang

China Academy of Urban Planning & Design
Beijing, China


In 2010, about one hundred women in CAUPD traveled for International Working Women's Day (March 8th). I’m one of them. The site in the picture to the left is Zhangjiajie which is a World Natural Heritage site and the first National Forest Park in China.

Interest areas: Urban design, historic conservation















Past Projects

Landscape and Surrounding Renovation Planning of Liangfang Street in Handan

Liangfang Street is a very famous street in Handan which is national historical and culturally city. This street has abundant historical resources such as Zhao Dynasty public recreation park, a group of buildings of the first-five year industrial factory and very famous river (Fuyang River). 

This project faced two main problems. One is the contradiction between the long distance of this street and very short time for implementation. The length of this street is about 14 kilometers, but government demand of implementation is just four months. The second contradiction is the historical conservation and very rapid growth speed of the city. Handan is located in Hebei province. This province has a policy of great changes in three years. This policy resulted in the ruin of many buildings, especially historical buildings. Some people will say this policy is more harmful than the earthquake which results in the disappearance of old buildings. How to preserve the precious historical buildings in this process is really a hard work.


To resolve the contradiction between the huge work and short time, we must not only control the characteristic of the whole street, but also maintain the flexibility of the implementation. According to the personality of the different part of the street, we divided this huge street into the four sections. Every section has its own personality, such as Grey Zhao Dynasty, Red Industry, Blue Fuyang River and Green High Technology Garden. In every section, we chose some special sites which can reflect the characteristic of this section as an example for this project. These sites are all public open spaces which not only can prevent the historical and cultural loss in the rapid growth process of the city, but also make a good use of these historical and cultural resources to improve the quality and content of the city. This project explored a kind of method for preserving the historical and cultural resources in the rapid urbanization process.

Figure 1: This site reflected the history and culture of Zhao Dynasty. It also the improvement project for tourism.

(1) The entrance of Zhao Park: the yellow lamps represent the class of China.
(2) And (3) are the same place. In the daily life, it is low lawn and flowers area. But in some special days, such as festival and tourist season, it is the stage for showing music and dance of Zhao Dynasty. 
(4) This is theme square for showing short foot furniture with Zhao Dynasty characteristic. The trees array and short foot furniture display platform layout imitate traditional Jiugongge (nine grids)
(5) The fountain is the recreation site for citizen.

Figure 2: This site is a cultural square of industry. It is also the example for the conservation of historical resources.

(1) A square is the exhibition of textile industry technology with six representative textile industrial machineries which can reflect condition of ancient times and modern times. It also includes model for showing the textile industrial zone planning.
(2) And (3) is a multimedia exhibition site with steel truss and large span space. It can display textile industry film and is also the citizen digital cinema. This site provides the service for restaurant and rest to meet the demand of citizen’s recreation.
(4) And (5) is a stage for the citizens’ talent showing. We preserve the old worker club and add water and stage.

Figure 3: This site is called Fuyang River Bar Street for riverside leisure project.

We use instruments in Handan district as the design element to design the road lamp along the Fuyang River. We also make renaissance for the traditional river lamp, such as lotus river lamp. Its purpose is to strength the regional characteristic and to increase the tourism attraction.

Figure 4: This project is a greening promotion called development zone parks.

It located both side of flyover and also the window of the city. When the people enter this city from express railway station, it will be the first place people look. This is a huge exhibition project, but it just has a group of trees now. It is lack of the characteristic of landscape. We add more design elements, such as colorful flower, fountain, and landscape design for night.