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Past Visiting Scholars - 2011-2012

Bin Wang

China Academy of Urban Planning & Design
Beijing, China


From 2002, Bin Wang has been working in Institute of Landscape Architecture of CAUPD Beijing. Before that, Bin is a teacher at architecture department of Hebei University of Engineering. His job majors in city master planning, landscape planning & design, and ecological environmental conservation. In recent years, Bin is keen on studying on development of tourism cities and regions, and explored the spatial organization form of tourism regions and the use pattern of landscape and ecological resources. From his experience in a rapidly changing society in China, Bin showed more interest in the relationship among the people involved in planning, culture, history, environment and the society in every project. As a planner, he tries to learn the local knowledge and culture firstly and enjoys the process to find the same vision with the locals and the government.















Reflections on the PSU-China Program

From Sept. 2011 to Sept. 2012, Bin was a visiting scholar Of Toulan School of Urban studies & Planning in PSU. He enjoys in the unique life and experience in PSU which is different from that in CAUPD, and at the same time he studied the urban planning and the history of Portland, public participation mechanism, and the planning dynamic in U.S. Bin love Portland, his friendly people, and the social philosophy of advocating green life. Bin believes that PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization can structure the communication bridge between China and the United States, provides new insight and dialogue for urbanization under the different culture background, and provides the exchange platform of comparative study for planners and scholars.

Bin insists that there are, and will still be huge difference in urbanization between China and the United States for a long time, but the diversity will promote forming the same future of the world, people should learn from each other, and create a better global village.

Past Projects

Zhangjiajie City plan, Hunan Province (2007-Present)

The plan includes strategic plan, city master plan, the integration plan between urban and rural areas, regulatory plan and zoning for inner city, etc. Bin with his work group focus on the region’s tourism in the long term, and continuously track the study of its development. The project is mainly to solve the contradiction between urban sprawl and natural heritage conservation of Wulingyuan, and guides the sustainable development of the city and its tourism, and promotes the integration and interdependence of urban and rural regions.