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Past Visiting Scholars - 2010-2011

Yifan Yang

China Academy of Urban Planning & Design
Beijing, China

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Mr. Yang directed 28 planning and urban design projects in China (see list below) and has acted as a lecturer training local officials and professionals in 14 Chinese major cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Kunming on urban planning and design.

Interest areas: Urban design, regional planning









Planning Projects

Suzhou Comprehensive Urban Design, 600 km2 - China National Planning Reward 2011
Suzhou Xiangcheng District Plan (2007-2020), 496 km2
Zhejiang Anji Central District Plan, 635 km2
Suzhou Mudu New Town Plan and Urban Design, 5 km2
Zhejiang Yuhuan New Town Plan and Urban Design, 54k m2
Kangba Riverfront Area Plan and Urban Design, Yushu Earthquake Area, 3 ha
Qingdao Jiaonan Lingshanwan Resort Area Concept Plan, 20 km2
Zhejiang Linghai Jingyin Business District Plan, 60 ha
Suzhou Yangchenghu Resort Area Plan and Urban Design, 18 km2
Suzhou Yinshanhu Area Plan and Urban Design, 8 km2


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