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Pacific Light Technologies: Energy Efficient LED Lights
Author: Emily Ediger
Posted: September 27, 2012

Saving the world through energy efficient lighting may seem a lofty goal, but that is exactly what Pacific Light Technologies (PLT) has set out to do. With its engineered nanomaterials, PLT could reduce global carbon emissions by 25%. PLT’s goal is to increase energy efficiency for LED lighting solutions without compromising light color and quality.

PLT sets itself apart by providing safe, reliable, high-quality energy efficient lighting. Current solutions pose serious health, environmental and economic concerns that prevent widespread adoption. Compact fluorescent lights contain hazardous mercury vapors and LED ambient lights use a limited and expensive rare earth phosphor. PLT’s materials solve these problems by improving energy efficiency up to 50%, reducing costs, eliminating rare earth material usage, and improving color quality.

Developing this revolutionary technology requires a strong team, leadership and vision. Ron Nelson, CEO, credits the PSU Business Accelerator with providing appropriate space, room to grow, and networking opportunities. “We wouldn’t be where we are without it,” said Ron. Its entrepreneurial community helps to bridge the gap between science and commercialization by offering access to dedicated chemistry lab space and the opportunity to expand as needed without long-term lease commitments. Mediocrity is not enough for this results-oriented team who strives to be the best and dominate the market. Ron is proud to work with hard-working, dedicated, world-class people who are achieving fantastic results. He believes the team at PLT “will be heroes one day” because of the environmental, economic and health implications of their work.

PLT caught the attention of local investors and closed a $2 million venture capital round in May, with another $1 million to close in July.