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Intern Reports

Photographs taken of Beijing, Chongqing, and Shenzhen by 2012 Summer Interns Colin Rowan, Derek Dauphin, and Iren Taran.

Following their return from China, each intern completes a report describing their experiences working and living in Asia. Our interns have worked on Chinese projects across all areas of planning and travelled extensively throughout the continent. Their reports offer a unique view into a country experiencing unprecedented urbanization.

Reports below are from interns placed at the China Academy of Urban Planning & Design (CAUPD) in Beijing, Shenzhen and Chongqing, as well as the Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen (UPDIS).

Please click on the intern’s name below to view their report.

Reports by Year


Placement Intern (Click for Report)
2015 UPDIS - Shenzhen Lea Anderson
  CAUPD - Beijing Lauren Patton
  CADRG - Beijing Jasmine Rucker
  CADRG - Beijing Hannah Silver
  UPDIS - Shenzhen Rae-Leigh Stark
2013 CAUPD - Beijing Anna Wendt
  UPDIS - Shenzhen Szilvia Hosser-Cox
2012 CAUPD - Beijing Colin Rowan 
  CAUPD - Beijing Shavon Caldwell
  CAUPD - Chongqing Derek Dauphin 
  CAUPD - Chongqing Jennifer Koch
  UPDIS - Shenzhen Iren Taran 
2011 CAUPD - Beijing Michael Burnham
  CAUPD - Shenzhen Caroline Chapman
  UPDIS - Shenzhen Andy Parish
  CAUPD - Beijing Collin Roughton
  CAUPD - Shenzhen Alex Steinberger
  UPDIS - Shenzhen Alison Wicks
2010 CAUPD - Beijing Raihana Ansary
  CAUPD - Beijing Marielle Brown
  CAUPD - Shenzhen Lindsay Walker
2009 CAUPD - Beijing Kathryn McGovern
  CAUPD - Beijing Erica Timm