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China Seminar

About the China Seminar

The China Seminar is an opportunity to engage with the planning, development, and public policy issues facing China as it undergoes the fastest urbanization process in world history. Each academic year, the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization Program hosts presentations, panels, film viewings, and book readings. Key to the seminar series is the involvement of our Visiting Scholars from China, who add their unique experiences and research to the program. Most seminars are open to the public and all PSU students are encouraged to attend.


Current 2016-2017 Series


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Jun 1

Portland's China Town - A brief history

Victor Tran

 May 25

 College entrance exam in China 

 Yitong Wu

May 18

Development of Cultural Industries in China and Its Impacts on Urban Renovation

Jian Liu

May 11

Pollution control and design optimization in Dianchi restoration

Hui Li

May 4

Discover Life in the People's Republic of Wechat

Wen Xu


Understanding China's Development from the "Chinese mayor"

 Shen Qu

Apri. 20

Film watching: The Chinese mayor



Is China's 'internal passport' becoming obsolete?

 Yiping Fang


Nov. 17

Tapping the development power of people to house Asia's urban poor

Thomas Kerr

Nov. 10

Comparison between BRT systems in China and Brazil

Lorena Nascimento


Field notes from China- The Summer Internship experience

Eric Ruetlege, Olivia Holden, Alvaro, Daniel


Our Common Beautiful City: Overview of ‘2040 Shanghai’ Strategic Plan

Shaozhi Hong


Moving the Imperial City: Government-led Sub-center development in Beijing

Alvaro Caviedes


Reflections on a study abroad in the Netherlands exploring urban transportation planning, policy and design

Aaron Golub


 Opening up gated communities - Can Chinese city reform its spatial structures?

 Yiping Fang