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China Seminars - 2012-2013

Developable Land Supply in Urbanizing China: Urban Rural Land Transfer in China - Yiping Fang

Event Date and Location

Thursday, November 15, 12:00-1:30pm - Urban Center Room 220


The high rate of urbanization in China has led to great demand for land for infrastructure and property developments. In order to obtain more developable land, the government has implemented various measures including compulsory land acquisition. After more than 30 years of urban growth, China is facing many challenges in its efforts to supply land for new development as rapid urbanization continues, while at the same time preserving agricultural land. Join us as Assistant Professor Yiping Fang presents on the contemporary history of land policy reform in China, including recent experiments and related issues.

Word of the Day

Each week our visiting scholars and Chinese speaking staff will present one planning-related word in English and Chinese for attendees. This week we learned three words. (Note: Numbers below refer to the four tones of the Chinese spoken language.)

Chinese: 土地
Pinyin: Tu3 Di4
Meaning: Land

Chinese: 城市
Pinyin: Cheng2 shi4
Meaning: Urban

Chinese: 农村
Pinyin: Nong2 Cun1
Meaning: Rural