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2012-3 Visiting Scholars - Qi Liu

Qi Liu

China Academy of Urban Planning & Design
Shenzhen, China

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I am interested in the linear structures that are supposed to support the development of the urban space and form the characteristics (such as the city’s axis and coastline), and try to sort out some important planning methods that enhance the structures. I also concentrate on studies on methods or policies of planning evaluation and guaranteeing the implementation of plans in the stage of Shenzhen’s urban transformation, according to some recent projects and good cases.
















Focus on Shenzhen Planning System & Development - October 25, 2012
Housing in Shenzhen: Insider & Outsider Perspectives - March 14, 2013
An Introduction to the Chinese Planning and Land Use System - April 11, 2013 (External link)
What Can Chinese Planners Learn from US Urban Development? - June 13, 2013

Past Projects