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2012-2013 China Seminar Series

Influences of Urban Redevelopment: Resident Experiences in Qianmen, Beijing - Yongxia Kou

Event Date and Location

Thursday, January 17, 12:00-1:30pm - Urban Center Room 220


Although the negative outcomes of urban renewal (gentrification) have been widely reported in the United States, the literatures are far from conclusive in cross-cultural researches. This study is interested in contributing to the understanding in the field by investigating into the experiences of the original residents in Qianmen, Beijing, which has been undergone urban renewal in the last couple of years. 72 residents were interviewed to gather the primary data base on which this study is going to use both quantitative and qualitative analyses methods to answer the general question of “are the residents suffering from the social, economic and psychological costs of displacement, or might they take the opportunities of relocation to improve their residential environment?” More precisely, by using residential satisfaction as an evaluative indicator, the study will look into whether their general residential environment have been improved or not compared with that of their past neighborhood in terms of both physical and social attributes and regarding to the housing units and neighborhood environment. The study is particularly concerned with the social impacts of urban redevelopment -- to what extent their social networks, thereby, social supports are affected; in addition the study is also interested in knowing how the public policy arrangements influence their experiences -- whether the featured policy arrangements in China make differences in terms of the results of urban redevelopment, and how these policy arrangements can be improved in the future.

Word of the Day

Each week our visiting scholars and Chinese speaking staff will present one planning-related word in English and Chinese for attendees. This week we learned three words. (Note: Numbers below refer to the four tones of the Chinese spoken language.)

Chinese: 和谐社会
Pinyin: He2 Xie2 She4 Hui4
Meaning: Harmonious Society