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2012-2013 China Seminar Series

Portland Planners in China - Gil Kelley and Alan Johnson

Event Date and Location

Thursday, March 7, 12:00-1:30pm - Urban Center Room 220


Join us for a special event as we host two planning professionals from Portland to discuss their experiences working on planning projects in China.

Gil Kelley is Practitioner in Residence at PSU Toulan School of Urban Studies & Planning (TSUSP) and an urban planning consultant with an international practice based in Portland. He was the Director of Planning for the City of Portland from 2000 to 2009 and the City of Berkeley, California form 1988 to 1998. His experience with urban planning in China has included district planning for the City of Nanjing, consulting to the China Program of the American Planning Association, and hosting and training visiting Chinese elected officials and planners through the China-US Center for Sustainable Development. He is currently part of a TSUSP proposal to assist the City of Kunming in preparing a Climate Action Plan. He will share his reflections on the differences in planning practice between the US and China.

Alan Johnson is a senior designer and project manager with over 40 years experience in planning and 8 years experience working in China. During his time in China, Alan worked with EDAW (now AECOM) among other firms based in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Suzhou on projects throughout the country. Selected projects include Foshan Tiandi (with Shui On Land), Chongqing Chen Sen Bi An Mixed-Use Waterfront (pictured above), and the Han Dynasty Tomb and Visitor Facilities in Xuzhou. Alan will be heading back to China soon to work in AECOM's new offices in Chongqing. Alan will discuss some of his projects as well as the issues behind the plans, and his thoughts on being a foreign designer in China today.

Presentations will be followed by a dialogue between the speakers and the audience. Interested members of the public are welcome to attend this event.