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2012-13 Visiting Scholars - Shihui Liu

Shihui Liu

China Academy of Urban Planning & Design
Beijing, China

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I chose the School of Architecture because of my interest in arts. The education program in Tianjin University focused on urban design in middle and small scale areas. I was interested in the flowing space between groups of buildings, the observation and reinforcement of local context, the people’s perception of spaces and the interaction between them. Furthermore, after I got my first PC, the infinite possibility made possible by the combination of arts and technology led me to an enthusiasm that I had never felt before.

After I got my master degree, I started my work in CAUPD. The first thing I realized was my limited perspective -- what I learned in school was only a tiny branch of the huge tree of urban planning. Fortunately, during the process of planning projects I gradually filled in some missing knowledge of different subjects, such as economic geography, sociology, ecology, etc. People from different subjects helped me a lot. Looking back, if urban planning could still be called a kind of art, it must be the art of communication and collaboration.

In my opinion, each city is a magnum opus which was produced by all citizens, or a huge picture roll which was created by all the residents who have lived there. A short life is not enough for revealing every secret in the city, but I would like to contribute my efforts to this progress.
















Presentations & Projects

Assembled in China - October 18, 2012
Regional Planning in China - October 28, 2012
Ningbo Meishan Island Development Research - February 28, 2013
Documentary Film About Portland's Open Space Sequence - Winter Quarter, 2013
An Introduction to the Chinese Planning and Land Use System - April 11, 2013 (External link)
What Can Chinese Planners Learn from US Urban Development? - June 13, 2013

Portland open space sequence, filmed by Shihui Liu.

Past Projects