Summer Internship MURP students have opportunities to go to China during summer months interning in big Planning and Design firms.

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Due Mar. 15, 2019


Three visiting scholars from China Academy of Urban Planning and Design are here in Portland! They are Rong Ding, Shuangnan Liao, and Yang You.


Meet our 2017 Interns! Taylor Campi, Brandon Crawford, Ayano Healy,Tony Lamb, Santiago Mendez, Samuel Roberts and Steve Rosen will be our 2016 interns going to China this summer! Congratuations! They will be going to Beijing CADG, and Shenzhen UPDIS! More of this story here


In March 11, 2017, ACSP Administrators Conference in Reston, VA, the PSU China Innovations in Urbanization Director,  Professor Connie Ozawa gave a presentation titled "Internationalizing the MURP Curriculum at PSU: The China Influence".  See what she presented here.

In January 2015, the PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization program hosted a delegation of 22 professionals from the Ministry of Land and Resources from China and organized a three-day workshop on the topic of Portland's urban growth boundary. More of this story here.

About the Program

The PSU-China Innovations in Urbanization Program is designed to promote dialogue, exchange ideas, and build relationships among researchers and practitioners engaged in improving the livability of urban spaces and the building of tomorrow's cities while protecting our natural resources. Through partnerships with the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD), Urban Planning and Design Institute Shenzhen (UPDIS) , China Architecture and Design Group (CADG), Urban Planning and Design Institute Wuhan (WPDI), the International Sustainable Development Foundation (ISDF), the Beijing Institute of City Planning (BICP), and the Energy Foundation, we work together to identify innovations that will move us all toward a more sustainable future.

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