Portland Region Community Gardens

Community Gardens in the Portland Region


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As part of the Food System Sustainability Assessment, IMS is compiling a comprehensive directory of community gardens* in the Portland region. This directory is intended both as an information resource for the community and as a research tool that will allow us to track changes in community gardens over time.

Currently, a list and map of all the gardens we have identified at this time are available.  You can use the map above to find a garden. Use the tool in the upper left corner to navigate and zoom; click on a pushpin for mnore information about that garden. We are seeking input on gardens we have missed so that we can make the directory as complete as possible.  Click here to view a map to see the Google Maps page with the map and directory of gardens. The map. You can also click here for a list of the community gardens (.pdf file).  If you know of a garden that's not on the map/list, please tell us about it.

We have also been gathering information about the characteristics of these gardens, including size, user restrictions, plot availability, and amenities, and will be making that information available in a later release. There are two gardens that we are still seeking a contact person to provide information on:

  • the Greenfingers Community Garden at Clackamas Community College and
  • the Gladstone Gardens maintained by the Gladstone Garden Association in Meldrum Bar Park.

If you have information or know who to contact about either of these gardens, please contact us at ims@pdx.edu or 503-725-5170.

* Our working definition of a community garden is a garden in which people can either reserve their own plot to cultivate, or can participate in a shared garden, from which they can take home produce.  This includes gardens with and without user restrictions.