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Metroscape Winter 2011

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state legislature 

Population is Power
Metroscape examines the various ways Oregon and Washington reconfigure congressional and legislative districts once a decade and how new technology could further democratize future redistricting efforts. 

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State of Flux
Metroscape interviews former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling about his new job with Portland State University’s Mark O. Hatfield School of Government, as well as about politics, poverty and public service.

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The New, New Portlanders
From Chinese laborers in the 1850s to Afghan refugees in the 2010s, immigrants have changed the economic and cultural life of the metroscape. A survey of the history of foreign immigration to Portland, and the agencies and organizations that have assisted newcomer integration in the region.

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Publisher's Notes
A tribute to Craig Wollner

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The Landscape
 How Washington's Skamania County is trying to diversify beyond tourism during tough economic times.

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Periodic Atlas of the Metroscape
Using recent American Community Survey (ACS) data to examine the percent of persons living in poverty in the metroscape. You can view additional files for this article in Google Earth by clicking the logo below.

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Indicators of the Metroscape
Census participation.

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