Metropolitan Knowledge Network

willamette river
Photo by StuSeeger

The Metropolitan Knowledge Network (MKN) is a new web-based resource developed by Portland State University's Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies that will improve PSU’s ability to engage community leaders in discussions about a variety of public policy issues. The MKN offers the community a comprehensive resource for analysis and data relevant to the key issues facing our metropolitan region. To see how our region stacks up on key indicators, MKN compares counties within the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and also looks at the region as a whole compared with "comparator" MSAs. The value added by the MKN is not only integrating a variety of timely data, but also providing the context within which that data is to be used and interpreted.

We provide that context through the following tools:

  • Policy briefs that improve understanding of the trends and issues shaped by the data and describe the issue from a variety of angles,
  • Tables that allow users to compare different parts of our region,
  • Maps that allow users to see the data spatially,
  • Interactive charts that allow users to visualize the relationships among variables, and
  • Data notes to help users interpret and use the data correctly

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