First Stop Portland

"Connecting Global Leadership with Sustainable Portland"

Who we are:

First Stop Portland is a tour-based program, one that organizes and provides logistical support for visiting delegations interested in learning about Portland’s sustainability practices. The tours connect visitors with Portland’s business, academic and political leaders, most knowledgeable about Portland’s sustainability story.

Why we’re here:

Community leaders throughout the world want to learn about sustainable, livable Portland. Delegations come here seeking tools for central city vitality, multimodal transportation solutions, resource land protection, sustainable development, and true community involvement.

First Stop Portland answers this request. We are a three-way collaborative representing 1) Portland State University, 2) business, and 3) government. Our purpose is sharing knowledge and ‘best practices,’ with the goal of continuing to create more livable, sustainable cities.

What we do:

First Stop Portland builds an individualized itinerary around a menu of key program elements. Programs are often one to three days, depending upon your areas of interest and time. We will:

  • Assist in planning and logistics of itineraries, conferences and events;
  • Organize field tours;
  • Invite the right key resource people to speak;
  • Provide meeting space for workshops, guest lectures, and debriefing; and support follow-up to past tours, build a base for information exchange


Nancy Hales, Program Manager
First Stop Portland

Mailing Adress:
Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

Street Address:
506 SW Mill St., Ste. 780C
Portland, OR 97201