EPA Campus Rainworks Challenge Team Meeting, EB 202L
Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 8:00am

The EPA is holding its second Campus Rainworks Challenge this term. Campus Rainworks Challenge is a competition to design an innovative green infrastructure project for their campus showing how managing stormwater at its source can benefit the campus community and the environment. This year PSU Students have decided to enter the competition. Winning teams in each category will be awarded cash prizes. Competition requirements are two design boards, one three minute video and one 20 page report on your design.

Green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage stormwater and create healthier urban environments. While single-purpose "gray" stormwater infrastructure (e.g. catch basins, pipes, and ponds) is largely designed to move urban stormwater away from the built environment, green infrastructure uses vegetation and soil to manage rainwater where it falls.

This year’s team of students from PSU will be meeting on Tuesday mornings at 8:00am in the Engineering Building, Room 202L. They will continue to meet until the end of the quarter since submissions are due on Dec 13th. Evan Kristof will be the faculty advisor for the team. Students wanting to participate should be encouraged to do so even if they have no experience in green design. 


The team is particularly interested in getting help from:

1) Video Editor - We need a student or a class to help create a 3 minute video about our plan.

2) Business or economics students

3) Environmental Science students


Questions? Contact Robert Bacon at