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2007 Briefing Book


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You can download the complete 2007 Metropolitan Briefing Book by clicking here. Or you can download individual chapters by clicking on the links below.

These are .pdf files and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free here:

  1. Introduction, by Craig Wollner and Sheila Martin

  2. Critical Issues 2007: Our Region Speaks Its Mind, by Craig Wollner and Sheila Martin
    Click here for a .pdf file of a summary of the mail survey results;
    click here for a .pdf file of the phone survey results.

  3. Population Outlook for the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Region, by George Hough with Amy Koski

  4. Microclimates in the Portland-Vancouver Regional Economy, by Sheila Martin

  5. Educational Achievement: Shaping the Region's Reputation and Driving Its Economy, by John Tapogna

  6. Ecological Landscapes: Connecting Neighborhood to City and City to Region, by Mike Houck and Jim Labbe

  7. Getting From Here to There in the Region, by Jennifer Dill

  8. Public Finance: Differences, Similarities, and No Quick Fixes, by Steve Novick

  9. Conclusions: Five Questions for the Future, by Ethan Seltzer and Sheila Martin