Storytelling and Impact Measurement

MGMT 423/523s - Storytelling and Impact Measurement

Course information

Schedule: Fall Term 2017 / Spring term 2018

Credits: 4 academic credits for enrolled students, or 12 Continuing Education Units for non-enrolled community members.

Format: Online, asychronous

About: The concept of storytelling—either through branding and marketing, impact evaluation and reporting, or personal narratives—is a key element in social innovation. Storytelling implies effective communication, persuasion, and the ability to create a narrative that reinforces an organization’s mission. In helping students develop effective personal and organizational storytelling skills, this course will examine and apply concepts of personal leadership, marketing strategy, impact analysis and reporting, and approaches to scaling innovation.


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    Course Topics:

    1. Leadership and personal development
    2. Personal and organizational storytelling
    3. Marketing to get, keep, and grow customers
    4. Measuring and reporting impact
    5. Scaling and amplifying impact

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Identify a leadership competency based on personal and career reflection; practice and improve that competency.
    • Craft your personal story and organizational story into a pitch to communicate your venture's value proposition to a specific target audience. 
    • Develop an effective impact measurement outline using leading frameworks for social and environmental impact analysis and reporting.
    • Adapt and deploy strategies to successfully scale or amplify the impact of social and environmental ventures.

    Key Texts: Marc Epstein and Kristi Yuthas, Measuring and Improving Social Impacts