Money Matters

MGMT 422/522s - Money Matters for Social Innovation

"For me, the most interesting aspect of this course was how it walks through various aspects of the MBA curriculum and demonstrates how the topics fit together. Doing this helped to demystify entrepreneurship in a way that the individual courses did not. I have a family full of entrepreneurs and I always knew starting a business was doable, but this course helped me to see a way that it could be doable for me."

--Kyna Alders, PSU MBA '14

Course Information (subject to change)

Course Title: Money Matters for Social Innovation | MGMT 422/522

Term: Spring

Format: Online, asynchronous

Credits: 4 academic credits for enrolled students, or 12 Continuing Education Units for non-enrolled community members.

Instructor: Jacen Greene, Program Manager, Social Enterprise Initiatives at Portland State University

Guest Lecturers:

  • Theodore Khoury, PhD, associate professor at PSU, expert in entrepreneurship and innovation in developing economies, holder of 42 US patents and 70 foreign patents. 

  • Tichelle Sorensen, academic director of the PSU MBA and MIM programs, business lawyer. 

With Content From:

Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate legal entities (nonprofit and for-profit) and develop a hypothesis as to which one you should adopt; develop a plan for managing your intellectual property
  • Apply lean entrepreneurship tools, including the Business Model Canvas and Customer Development Process, to design a business model for your venture
  • Estimate the market size and social opportunity size of your proposed social venture, incorporating risk analysis and the competitive landscape
  • Create forward-looking financial statements and understand which sources of social venture funding may be a fit your model

Key Texts:

  • Osterwalder, Alexander, and Yves Pigneur. Business Model Generation. 2010. 
  • Fields, Edward. The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers. 2011.

Sample Course Videos: